Shower Box

Caravan Accessories Outdoor Portable Shower 12V Vehicles Shower Artifact

  • SKU:Outdoor Portable Shower
  • Size:ABS + Rubber
  • Specifications:Type: Other Exterior Accessories
    Product name: Exterior Shower Box
    Color: Orange
    Material: ABS + Rubber
    Feature: Portable
    Power: 35-60W
    Notice: The water temperature below 40℃

    There are several reasons you may want an RV exterior shower. Here are a few:
     * You travel frequently with kids, dogs, or other creatures who get their feet frequently dirty
     * You like to camp at the beach and often need to wash off sandy items
     * You get your rig dirty often and like to be able to hose it down quickly and immediately
     * You like to cook outside and want an extra source of water for washing
     * You camp often in good weather, like the idea of showering al fresco, and want to keep your indoor bathroom free and clean
     * You have a smaller camper that does not have an indoor shower available

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